Art & Patty Ferrell

998 NW 63rd Ct

Ocala, FL 34482

(352) 875-1928

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SterlingShire Stables is a small farm dedicated to raising quality Shires and Gypsy Vanners. We are nestled in sunny Ocala, Florida horse country. Since we are a small farm we are able to dedicate much personal attention to each of our horses as well as our foals. We imprint and handle our foals daily from birth. We actively ride and drive all of our horses. We started raising Shires in 1996 in Clearwater, FL  and added Gypsy Vanners in 2009.  All of our Shires are registered with ASHA  (American Shire Horse Association)  and our Gypsy Vanners are registered with GVHS (Gypsy Vanner Horse Society).


We welcome inquiries and hope you come in, relax, and enjoy your visit to our website.